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Adept Traditions (Monk)

Astral: Exist Beyond

Starting at 25th level, your perceptions become attuned to that which is beyond the material. You see invisible creatures and objects as if they were visible, and you can see into the Ethereal Plane. Ethereal creatures and objects appear ghostly and translucent.
In addition, while you are on the Material Plane and take the Attack action you can spend 1 focus (ki) to make your unarmed strikes effect creatures on the Ethereal Plane.


Astral: Beyond and Within

At 30th level, your capacity to access your spectacular abilities becomes nearly limitless. The focus (ki) costs to activate your astral tradition features are reduced by half to a minimum of 1 focus (ki).


Death: Above Passing

Beginning at 25th level, the icy grip of death has trouble grasping at your mortal coil. You gain advantage on death saving throws, and you only die on a fourth failed death saving throw.


Death: Reaper Strike

At 30th level, your control over deathly energies allows you to snuff out a life with only a touch. Whenever you hit a creature with one of the attacks granted by your Flurry of Blows, you can spend 8 focus (ki) to turn the hit into a Reaper’s Strike. Your attack becomes a critical hit that deals maximum damage. In addition, if the target is a living creature it must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be reduced to 0 hit points. 


Draconic: Dragon’s Power

At 25th level, your capacity for tapping into the power of dragons becomes all the greater. When you use a draconic archetype feature to deal area damage, you can change one of the die to a d20.


Draconic: Permanent Wings

At 30th level, you gain a set of wings which allow you to fly either at your walking speed. You can use a bonus action to beat your wings. Each creature within 10 feet of you must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take bludgeoning damage equal to two rolls of your Martial Arts die. If you spend 2 focus (ki) when you activate this feature, creatures that fail the saving throw are knocked prone.


Drunken Master: Drunken Mastery

Starting at 25th level, you master the skills to move unpredictably. You never provoke opportunity attacks, and once on each of your turns you can spend 1 focus (ki) to drink a potion or other liquid. 


Drunken Master: Fueled By Drink

At 30th level, your penchant for drinking becomes as easy to your martial arts techniques as breathing. You do not require focus (ki) to activate Drunken Mastery, and whenever you use Drunken Mastery to drink alcohol or a potion you regain 1 focus (ki).


Elemental: Fundamental Channel

Starting at 25th level, there is almost no end to the elemental power you can unleash. The maximum number of focus (ki) you can spend to cast a spell using your tradition increases to equal your proficiency bonus. 

  In addition, you can learn 4 additional elemental features from your archetype.


Elemental: Natural Magician

At 30th level, the elements answer your commands with incredible ease. Whenever you use focus (ki) to cast a spell, the cost is reduced by 2 focus (ki).


Kensei: Weapon Mastery

Beginning at 25th level, your unnaturally keen understanding of your chosen weaponry make you deadly with it at any range. 

  While you are wielding a melee kensei weapon it has the Thrown property (range 30/60 feet) or the ranges of its Thrown property increase by the same amount, and immediately after you use it to make a ranged attack it bounces back, allowing you to catch it if you have a free hand to do so. 

  While you are wielding a ranged kensei weapon, its ranges double. 

  In addition, when you use focus (ki) to augment a kensei weapon, it gains a magical bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to double the the focus (ki) spent.


Kensei: Critical Technique

At 30th level, the sublime application of your training reaches its greatest height. When you take the Attack action, you can spend 2 focus (ki) to make your strikes rend opponents on a metaphysical level. Until the start of your next turn, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 18–20.


Mercy: Healing Magnet

Starting at 25th level, restorative energies are drawn to you. Whenever a hostile creature within 20 feet of you regains hit points from a feature, spell, or trait, it makes a Charisma saving throw. On a failure, it regains half as many hit points as normal and you regain an equal number of hit points.


Mercy: Restorative Aura

At 30th level, your presence encourages flesh to knit and mend. When you or a friendly creature within 40 feet of you regains hit point from a feature or spell, it regains double the normal amount.


Open Hand: Deadly Kick

At 25th level, you learn how to unleash a truly devastating blow. When you move through the air at least 20 feet straight toward a target and then hit it with an unarmed strike immediately upon or before landing, you gain advantage on the attack roll. If you hit it is automatically a critical hit, your target is knocked prone, and you deal an extra 6d8 bludgeoning damage. Should you also score a natural critical hit with this attack roll, the extra bludgeoning damage is also doubled.


Open Hand: Giving Teacher

At 30th level, you can use a bonus action and spend 1 focus (ki) to share a touch of your sagacity. Choose a creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you and understand you. That creature gains one of the following benefits: 

  • On its next turn the creature can use a bonus action to take the Dodge action.

  • For the next minute, it ignores difficult terrain.

  • It has advantage on the next Strength or Dexterity check it makes before taking a short or long rest.

  • Choose one skill you have proficiency with. The creature has advantage on the next ability check it makes using the chosen skill before taking a short or long rest.

  A creature can only gain one benefit from Giving Teacher at a time, and cannot gain the same benefit from Giving Teacher more than once each between short rests.


Shadow: Shadow Touched

Beginning at 25th level, each time you finish a long rest your connection to shadows manifests itself physically in a different way. Roll 1d6 to determine what benefit you gain from this feature. By spending 2 focus (ki) points, you can change which benefit you gain by one step. For example, if you roll a 4 but want Sightless you can spend four focus (ki) points to gain that instead of Shadow Wings. This benefit remains until the next time you finish a long rest.

1: Shadow Bones. Your bones become infused by shadows that grant you immunity to necrotic damage, critical hits, and Sneak Attack damage.

2: Shadow Blood. Shadows in our blood grant you immunity to acid damage, and when a creature deals more than 5 piercing or slashing damage to you with a melee weapon attack or natural weapon melee attack, it takes 1d8 necrotic damage. 

3: Shadow Claws. Your unarmed strike damage changes to slashing and you gain a +3 bonus to attacks and damage when making unarmed strikes.

4: Shadow Wings. Fearsome wings of shadow extend from your back granting you a fly speed equal to your walking speed.

5: Shrouded Soul. When making a death saving throw, you treat any roll of 16, 17, 18, or 19 as a natural 20.

6: Sightless. You are able to perceive your surroundings within 50 feet without relying on sight. 


Shadow: Shadow Warrior

At 30th level, you can use a bonus action and 2 focus (ki) to become invisible so long as there is an area of darkness or dim light within 30 feet of you. This invisibility lasts until you make an attack or move more than 30 feet away from an area of darkness or dim light.


Soul Knife: Spectral Steps

Starting at 25th level, your steps become as light as a cloud. You leave no tracks and increase your walking speed by 20 feet. You no longer need to spend focus (ki) to activate the Step of the Wind feature. 

In addition, while you are in the air you can spend 1 focus (ki) to conjure a spectral disk. The spectral disk appears beneath your feet, giving you a surface to jump from, and disappears at the end of the turn. You may conjure a maximum number of spectral disks each round equal to your proficiency bonus.


Soul Knife: Psychic Strikes

At 30th level, whenever you hit a creature with an unarmed strike you deal extra psychic damage equal to your proficiency bonus.


Sun: Radiant Essence

Beginning at 25th level, you are always under the effects of a protection from evil and good spell. By spending a bonus action and 1 focus (ki), you can cast protection from evil and good, increasing its duration to 1 hour and requiring no concentration.

  In addition, you can use a bonus action to decrease the distance you shed light by any amount, or increase it to a maximum range of 60 feet for bright light and 120 feet for dim light.


Sun: Celestial Sundering

At 30th level, you learn how to use the purity of your soul to lash out, extinguishing the magical forces that tether unnatural visitors to the world. When you use an unarmed strike to hit a creature, you can spend 3 focus (ki) to cast the banishment spell, increasing its spell level by 1 for every additional focus (ki) spent activating this feature.


Tranquility: Wave of Calm

Starting at 25th level, the overwhelming calm that envelops your soul can be spread outward to bring peace to others—whether they want it or not. You can use an action and spend 8 focus (ki) to pacify creatures in a 60-foot radius around yourself. Each creature in the area makes a Charisma saving throw. Creatures that have not taken a hostile action in the last minute have advantage on the saving throw. On a failure, a creature becomes pacified and cannot make any attacks, or take any hostile actions that deal damage or inflict conditions on another creature. After being pacified for a number of rounds equal to ⅓ your proficiency bonus, a creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.


Tranquility: Soothing Palm

At 30th level, you gain the ability to set up calming vibrations in someone's body. When you hit a creature with an unarmed strike, you can spend 6 focus (ki) points to start these imperceptible vibrations, which last for a number of days equal to your proficiency bonus. The vibrations are harmless but they make the creature pacified and unable to make any attacks, or take any hostile actions that deal damage or inflict conditions. 

  These vibrations are disrupted by violence. When the pacified creature takes damage from  or has a condition inflicted upon it by a hostile creature, it can repeat the saving throw to end the vibrations. Otherwise, you can use your action to end these vibrations. To do so, you and the target must be on the same plane of existence. 

  You can have only one creature under the effect of this feature at a time. 

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